Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Todd Edwards... the Greatest "Garridge" Producer of All Time...

New Jersey's Todd Edwards is the shit as far as Classic Garage is concerned... Here are some nice clips from the Youtube. Listening to the new Bassline 4X4 stuff is great, but I keep coming back to Todd.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Stark Reality vs Hoagy Carmichael...

Check out the Stark Reality.... do a google search.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Halloween Mix

Avi's Halloween Mix (DIRECT LINK)

These Are The Breaks
with Avi Shack
CITR 101.9 fm Fridays Noon-2 pm Pacific Standard Time
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Michael Jackson Vincent Price Intro
ACDC- Hells Bells
Automator- Music to Be Murdered By
Gregory D and Mannie Fresh- Freddie
Run DMC- Ghostbusters
Krushin MCs- Nightmare on My Street
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Theme
Outkast Draculas Wedding
Whodini- Freaks Come Out At Night
ETs Boogie
NWA- Panic Zone
Devils- Excorcist
Jimmy Castor- Dracula
Fat Boys- Are You Ready For Freddie
Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince- Nightmare on My Street
Commodore 64- Ghostbusters
Goblin- Susperia
John Carpenters Halloween
MC ADE- How Much Can You Take
MC ADE- Nightmare
Edgar Winter- Frankenstein 1984
Kid Koala- Tricks and Treats
Wu Tang Clan- Hollow Bones
Mobb Deep- Quiet Storm
Lucifer- Black Mass
Whodini- Hauted house of Rock - Vocoder Version
Gregory D and Mannie Fresh- Monster Boogie
Imperial Attack
Luke Confronts Darth
Michael Jackson- Thriller
Rockwell- Somebodys Watchin Me
Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde- Transformation
Kartoon Krew- Inspector Gadget
Henry Mancini- Pink Panther Theme
Adams Family
Devil McDoom- Cafone Going
RJD2- The Horror
Wendy Carlos- Rocky Mountains (the shining)
Gravediggaz- Mommy Whats a Gravedigga remix
Gravediggaz- Diary of a Madman
James Bond
Mission Impossible
Enter the Dragon
Streets of San Francisco

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Experimental Ish

Global Mix outta France presents this experimental atmospheric thing...



1- The Résident : John Philip Sousa

a) Nobles of the mystic shrine

b) The stars & stripes forever

c) El capitan

d) The liberty bell

e) Semper fidelis

f) The Washington post


2- KLF meets The Moody Boys Uptown : Last train to trencentral (Mu D. Vari speed version) - (KLF Communications)

3- Sub-Explored : Terminal - (Re-Load limited)

4- Black Dice : Smiling off (DFA Remix) - (DFA)

5- Luciano : Afghan birds - (Cadenza)

6- Luciano : Aternated tones - (Cadenza)

7- Speedy J : Punnik - (Nova Mute)

8- Luciano : Somewhere near his heart - (Cadenza)

9- Luciano : Le chant - (Cadenza)

10 - Luciano : Inner sirens - Cadenza)

11- Kid 606 : Forstevereichandjeffmills - (Audraglint/Tigerbeat6)

12- Le Mystère des voix bulgares : Kalimankou (La veillée) - (Disques Cellier)

13- Le Mystère des voix bulgares : Strati na angelaki doumasche (Chant Haiduk) - (Disques Cellier)

14- Jackson : Head Ache - (Warp)

15- Aspect & Gremlinz : Kilo - (Renegade Hardware)

16- Autoclave : Disto - (UW)

17- Passarani : Phonok (Jega Exalit mix) - (Skam)

18- Animal on Wheels : All done - (N tone)

19- Timeblind : Ontological ground of being - (Soot)

20- Balig Hamdi & Magid Khan : Achark - (Playa sound)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Guitar Visions

Various Artists - Guitar Visions (2006)

18 tracks selected by Bireli Lagrene pay tribute to jazz guitarists. Includes selections from Barney Kessel, Django Reinhardt, Charlie Christian, John McLaughlin, Bireli himself, and others. Features "Minor Swing," "Bolero," "Isn't She Lovely," "La Vuelta," and more.


Amazon Music Sampler Windows Media
1. Isn't She Lovely - Sylvain Luc Listen Listen
2. Bei Dir Was Es Immer So Schon - Birell Lagrene Listen Listen
3. Mundi - Tomatito Listen Listen
4. A Foggy Day - Barney Kessel Listen Listen
5. Truly Your Friend - Lucky Peterson Listen Listen
6. Bouncing Around (Rhythm In G Minor) - Django Reinhardt Listen Listen
7. La Vuelta - Luis Salinas Listen Listen
8. Minor Swing - Birell Lagrene Listen Listen
9. Summer Night - Philip Catherine Listen Listen
10. Eraldi - Sylvain Luo Trio Sud Listen Listen
11. Bolero - Charlie Haden Listen Listen
12. Vivaldi Tribute - Patrick Rondat Listen Listen
13. Si Tu Savels - Django Reinhardt Listen Listen
14. Mojo - Sylvain Luo Listen Listen
15. Swing To Bop (Charlie's Choice) (Topey) - Charlie Christian Listen Listen
16. Tones For Elvin - John McLaughlin Listen Listen
17. Recuerdos De La Alhambra - Sylvain Luc Trio Sud Listen Listen

Guitar Visions (zshare)